You can restore the brightness of your home or business from the inside out with our quality craftsmanship and skilled Interior & Exterior painting services. If you’re deciding to add a new coat of paint to your aged exterior or want to remodel a few rooms on the interior, Four Seasons Painting will provide top-notch service with a smile for your residential and/or commercial improvement project(s). Contact Us for a Quote Today!
Arizona sunshine, heat, and monsoons are brutal on the roof of any building; holes, leaks and other damage is likely. Our roof coating service resolves leaks by waterproofing, fixes simple damage, and helps to prevent any further damage. After assessing your roof’s condition, Four Seasons Painting will determine the best type of coating treatment to prolong its lifespan. Contact Us for a Quote Today!
Leaks of any kind, a broken water heater, flooding, foundation cracks are just a few causes of water damage. Water damage causes expensive damage to the structure and furnishings of a building, encourages electrical hazards, and stimulates mold. Water mitigation is the process of preventing or reducing any further damage to a leaking roof or after a flood, by taking immediate action. Contact Us for a Quote Today!
Rain Gutters play an important role in the roofing system, as they guide the water away from your roof, walls, and foundation. They also play a factor in your curb appeal, as well. Keeping them cleaned and properly managed will help prevent leaks leading to water damage, mold, or structural damage.

Sunscreens help to prevent the harmful UV rays of the Arizona sun, while still letting in light and allowing for a beautiful view outside. The benefits include lower temperatures throughout your home or business, lower energy bills, insect protection, and provides an extra layer of privacy.

Need help with the Installation of Either or Both? Contact Us for a Quote Today!

Give life to an outdoor space you and your family can relax and enjoy as an extension to your home. The Arizona sun and heat can be a deterrent for sitting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, but a pergola can help to create shade and cooler temps. Four Seasons Painting specializes in Alumawood Pergolas, which are manufactured using metal that looks like wood. If you like the look of wood pergolas but don’t like the high cost that comes along with it, these are what you’re looking for! Contact Us for a Quote Today!

Below are samples of some of our services listed. For a more detailed portfolio, visit our Facebook Business Page.

Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

We were REALLY happy with their work. They were ready and wanting to work. They didn’t try to schedule us out too far and followed through with what they said they would do. He was very clear when explaining everything to me and I appreciated the extra details he gave me. I liked how clean everything stayed throughout the whole process. ?  I will definitely be recommending this company.

Kristina Inman

Facebook Business Recommendation

Cabinets Painting

Water Damage Repair + Roof Coating

From start to finish, we are very pleased with the painting of our house. 4 Seasons Painting went above and beyond our expectations at a very reasonable price. They took their time to thoroughly prep the house for its new look, leaving no area not ready for its new look. The painting phase went very smoothly and with no rushing to just get it done. This is a far cry from the last company that painted our house for a much higher price.

I would highly recommend 4 Seasons to anyone who wants a small locally owned business that will take the time to do it right and make sure you are satisfied with the job done.

Ashley Cranney

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Drywall Repair / Wallpaper Removal + Interior Painting

Alumawood Pergolas / Patios